2019 Annual Christian Life Church Family Picnic

Sunday, August 18 | Please fill out this form and click submit.
Our Annual Church Family Picnic is not your ordinary picnic! All are welcome and encouraged to participate! The more the merrier!

Sign up for three things:
1 - WHO you are & how many "adults"(12 yrs and up) & children (11 yrs and under) will attend with you 
2 - WHAT type of food you will bring (cold dish, kids item, dessert) - we will provide meat & beverage
3 - WHEN you can take a turn to help out

Section 1 - Who

Tell us who you are and how many guests you'll be bringing with you. This is a great opportunity to invite friends/family for a fun afternoon! Let us know if guests are out of town family or friends from work or a neighbor. You will be our contact person for your family & guests.
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Please select one option.
Section 2 - What

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Section 3 - When

When may we call on you to help with "picnic stuff" on picnic Sunday? Think of those attending with you – how might they help? We’ve broken it into time frames and given you a space to comment if there is something specific you’d like us to know. Could be set up, food, games, contests, clean up, etc. Many hands make light work!
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Thanks for signing up! We can hardly wait for the big day!
Until then, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Susie Williams (920) 980-8210 or Carol Williams (920) 980-8213


Sunday, August 18
Please fill out this form and click submit.